Raisin is grape dried, in fact. As grapes are of different types & varieties, it is natural that this variety can be found in raisins. In 200 BC, raisin were produced in Iran & ancient Egypt and these area's people were famous for their raisin properties. In ancient Rome it was also used as a prize for people who made places of warship decorated& it was used for sports winners.

In Iran's market, different sorts of raisin are named differently, depending on the type of grapes, the drying method and conditions, and its authorized additives.

Because of the shelf-life of it in dry & cool conditions, this product is found during the years in the Iranian's market. Farmers all over Iran, produce different types of grapes by different methods of, which are used in caking, nuts, and also in medical alcohol. The best & most useful raisin is when the grapes are thoroughly ripe, free from chemicals & sulfur, in the open air & exposed to sunlight or shading & let them dry.

Specifications of good raisins:

Good qualified raisins should be free from any sort of pest, sand, soil & any type of odor or taste.

The moisture amount in raisin shouldn't pass 18% by weigh & depending on the preparation of sulfur anhydride & sulfur smell method shouldn't exceed two KGs. Good raisin are  obtained from grape fruits at least ripen of 80% in order to recognize this, the raisin texture & the amount of taste flavor and size should be considered. The A grade color of the raisin of the best quality as far as possible must be united. Of course the uniformity degree of raisin is related to the type of it and its extraction area as well as the process of raisin preparation.

Other qualitative parameters of raisins, which are usually related to its cleaning (Sorting) process include the number of tail-end raisins, the unripe raisins, small raisins, the crushed raisins, sugar coat raisins, that the numbers of all above-mentioned must be less, and the most less they are the process of cleaning is more accurate & better.

  • Sultana type
  • Kashmar golden ty
  • Golden type        
  • Kashmar green type